About us:

The Sanford Podcast: 4 The Culture is a community of creators, and entrepreneurs. But the basis for this all is to simply create. It's always been about creating something meaningful, even to the point that it may move people who you would of least expect. This podcast is in honor of Pashad Gray. I got the idea from Pashad to build this community, because when we were young, reckless, with snot running down our noses, he always talked about doing well in school, and hopefully he could make it to the league. When he said he hoped he made it to the league it made me cringe inside, and feel a deep sadness. I would push away these feelings and thoughts with whatever was going on at the time that was immediate and that had priority. Pashad wasn't referring to his grades, his relationship with his girlfriend, or anything at home. He had enough sense to realize at the time what we were doing was completely wrong and that people who were involved with the Gang life, they initially put an expiration date on their life. He knew that being involved with a gang would hold him back from getting him to where his heart and where he felt his belonged in life. PG will always be remembered, and thus the birth of The Sanford Podcast.