What is G.O.O.D Music?

A friend of mines brought to my attention the controversy pertaining to the Pusha T album cover art choice. The image is of the late great Whitney Houston's drug filled bathroom. This was the same bathroom where she suffered an overdose and passed away. She was a truly genuine authentic trailblazer for her craft. Her music and iconic voice is recognized and loved by many. Unfortunately Ms.Houston was no different from any other human being with her share of problems with drugs being the most domineering which led to her untimely end.

The image taken of the bathroom was sold to Kanye West, another music mogul of today's times, for $85,000. It's insane how that picture ran for such a price. Morally where do you draw the line? The image was to speak to the viewer of what the album entails. This obviously would raise an eyebrow on why did it have to be of that though. Pusha T had made it clear that he was not even aware himself that the cover was being changed until the night before the album was released. He already had cover art that was chosen after putting in the work to get it just right.

Artistically speaking, you would have to listen to the album to understand why Kanye chose to go that route. He is an artist and at times creativity through art can be misunderstood. Art is an expression which is left open to interpretation. It is something that would strike a person to ask questions and delve deeper to understand it's reasoning. End of the day it gets attention. Power move? In my opinion it was not something i would have sought to use and feel it portrays a negative time in Whitney Houston's life which should have been left alone. I could only imagine Pushas' reaction when the decision was made. Kanye is the head of the label Good Music in which Pusha T is signed to so his word is final.

Where is using someone else's misfortune ok to gain from on this level? What about the ethics? Where do morals and creative expressions of art blend? Are there limits or boundaries? Or as an artist is there a strive to go above and beyond transcending any form of constraint and taboo. Can you relate? Listen to the album and you be the judge.