An Episodic Disaster

Whenever you are on the pursuit of your own happiness, and I am keeping this on the I, but referring to general terms. Whenever your on that journey, it isn't easy to avoid the bullshit that intercepts your road. It's like the bullshit has a magnetic pull towards you, because the shit keeps on finding you, that shit seems to never miss. But when these times hit at certain points in my day or week, it's not about reacting, but how you respond to these matters. See when these "matters" notice that you are not giving in to its bullshit, then it will take a backseat and rethink its motherfuckin strategy.


As I was recording on an awkward day, and that was on a Tuesday, just 2 days ago. I was recording right before we had that crazy rain storm that came across New York City. I was at the studio, and the conditions within that studio was a little health hazardous. It is usually nice and cool in there, but today it seemed like the Air Conditioner was kicking its feet up and was saying it wasn't with the bullshit. 


The recording went alright, but I realized that I was definitely thinking about a multitude of things, and I don't think the episode really came out the way I wanted it to. But this is why we notice these kinds of things, and we have to thank our awareness for pointing out something so critical. But overall, I am glad that the episode got done, and I know where I need to continue to build and grow stronger. Episode by episode. 


There was a heap of other things stemming from the earlier on within the week, it was really a snowball affect, and I seen the snowball coming towards me, and I realize that I was not this snowball's problem. (We also need to stop making other people's problems ours. When we create our problem, depending on your circumstances you may have the support or you just might have to deal with it on your own) In fact, I realized all I needed to do was move out of the snowballs way, and watch that shit roll right past me.